Military Waypoint

Military Waypoint was a new product launched by Military Times in 2015. It was an exclusive site for active duty military members, veterans, retired military members, spouses and dependents. Developed with a goal of creating the largest, most engaged community of military travelers, the site was primarily composed of user-generated content with supplementary material written by Military Times editors and contributors.

Update: Sightline Media Group (the owner of Military Times and its sister sites) was sold in 2016 and the Military Waypoint site was discontinued.


As the lead designer on this project I not only was responsible for all visual designs, UX design, wireframing and branding, I was also part of the product development team working to determine features, functionality, use cases and site maps. I not only created visual mocks but also created html prototypes to help test usability and design before certain features when into development.


While in the end, Military Waypoint was a short lived project, it was my first glimpse into the world of product design. We were launching the first stand along product for Military Times and we were a team of 4 people, none of whom had launched a new product from the beginning before. Looking back there are so many things I wish I knew and so many more things I would have done differently on this project – but my time creating Military Waypoint was very instrumental in preparing my for my future in product design. I am grateful for this experience and for having a team that allowed me to get my hands into every aspect of this product development journey.